Heavy machinery


We own a 6,000 sq. Ft. Workshop that allows refurbishment on all types of mobile equipment and heavy machinery. Bucket trucks, graders, heavy trucks, mining equipment, construction trailers and steel containers are just a few examples of what we do on a regular basis. We work with conventional products, but also with high-end products in epoxy, urethane, polyurethane and polyurea.


Thanks to the know-how of our applicator team, to the assiduous monitoring of product specifications by the quality inspector and to our coating inspection equipment, we can assure you that the work will meet your requirements. Our team handles the dismantling of wheels, wings, and other parts to ensure your equipment is fully protected from corrosion. Important parts are completely masked for surface preparation and painting work.


We offer you a full service when you entrust us your equipment. We are able to replicate and reapply existing stickers and lettering on your equipment in identical ways. We also keep all the visible security stickers. So you leave with an almost new equipment.


For all paints, coatings, coatings or membranes, initial cleaning and surface preparation is the key to success to ensure adhesion and maximum product life. Dion Peinture Industrielle offers several methods of surface preparation such as dry sandblast or wetblast, corn spray, soda spray, waterblast, Blastrac, floor grinder, etc. To ensure proper preparation according to product specifications. This improves the quality and life of the product.

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