Tank (drinking,waste or storm water, oils, etc)

Whether it is to seal leaking existing concrete structures or to waterproof a new tank, Dion Peinture Industrielle has the solution.

We have a unique method for this type of application, which makes it possible to make substantial savings when preparing the surface. It allows us to avoid using fillers for all holes, honeycombs and cracks.

A saving of time that makes you save money!

Our expertise already includes a multitude of applications:

  • Municipal or private drinking water basin
  • Oil recovery tank
  • Wastewater or stormwater recovery basin
  • Chemical tank
  • Fuel tank


With many uses, from truck box lining, to retention ponds, to wastewater treatment plants, polyureas come in a wide range of formulations.

These very flexible two-component materials have a very short cure time and may require special application equipment such as spraying several components with a mixing head in the gun. The reaction time can be as little as 9 seconds. Because of the quick cure, they do not adhere well to themselves after a very short period of time and are commonly applied in a single layer. Many polyureas require a layer of epoxy primer, as their adhesion to steel may not be sufficient for intensive service.

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