Fixed mining equipments

The maintenance of mining equipment is crucial for their lifespan. They are subject to difficult conditions and require quality protection to prevent corrosion. On the other hand, stopping equipment to carry out maintenance can mean a great monetary loss for a company, which is why painting is often the last of the worries.

At Dion Peinture Industrielle, we believe that it takes only one test with a professional team to convince you that it is worth investing in protecting your investments.

Our team is aware that the speed of the work is essential for the equipment to be in service again. Thus, we are able to establish a work plan and carry out the work directly in your workshop and even underground. You avoid the difficult handling of equipment, a significant monetary loss due to the long-term shutdown of the equipment and also, you guarantee a maximum protection of it by entrusting it to an expert team in protection against corrosion .

Peinture Déquipement Minier Raise Boring Mine Laronde